New Types


Envision supports a range of new types. Each type has a type-verification predicate with the obvious name. For example, the function point? returns true exactly when its input is a point.

Types associated with sheets

These types are explained more fully in other sections of this manual.

Types for geometrical objects

Points are used heavily for accessing sheets. The other geometrical objects are used to implement basic graphics: the effect of many Xlib functions is achieved by calling the function draw on an object of the appropriate type. (Notice that other Xlib functionality is implemented by combining draw with 1D and 2D sheets.) Furthermore, these objects are heavily used in computer vision algorithms.

Notice that a 1D real-point is the same as a real number, and similarly for integers.

Types for I/O channels

Missing values

When a boolean, numerical, point, or sample value is unavailable, a special class of object called a "missing value" is returned. The predicate missing? returns true on these objects, and no other type predicate returns true on them.


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