Installation Problems


Solutions to known problems installing Envision or Scheme48: If your problem isn't on this list, send us mail and, if you managed to correct the problem, how you did it.

When starting coprocessor from inside Envision, fails claiming it can't find an 8-bit pseudo color visual.
Your screen is probably deeper than 8-bit. Under X, a screen can support multiple visuals and one would expect a deep screen (e.g. 16-bit) to also offer 8-bit visuals. However, under linux, this doesn't seem to work properly. Try running your display in 8-bit mode.

Scheme48 socket code doesn't work under IBM AIX, and other errors occur.
AIX is non-compliant. We don't know a nice way around this and we no longer have access to an AIX machine. Michael Sperber (sperber@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de) thinks he might know how to make it work.

The scheme48 socket code doesn't work under Solaris because get-external fails.
This apparently happens on some Solaris systems, but not others. We don't know why. A patch from Henry Cejtin (henry@research.nj.nec.com) is to set the environment variable ac_cv_func_dlopen to `no' before running configure. This makes scheme48 use nlist rather than dlsym. This patch isn't ideal, as it disables dynamic loading and means you can't strip the executable.


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