Margaret M. Fleck

I'm a Research Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign .

Office: 3214 SC
Phone: 265-6838 (rings so rarely I have trouble recognizing what the noise is) (much better ideal)

Research Interests

My research interests include computational linguistics, computer vision, and programming language tools to support language and vision research. Right now, I'm working on unsupervised algorithms that learn word boundaries from transcribed speech.


Check out my publications and the Schwa 1.0 release!

Some old research projects: programming support for computer vision (envision), skin detector, fast order statistic filter


Discrete math textbook: Building Blocks, now with self-study problems.

Artificial Intelligence (CS 440): Fall 2019 page. (Previous Fall 2018)

Discrete Structures (CS 173): Spring 2019 page, pages for older terms can be found via the CS 173 Permanent Page

Intro to Theory of Computation (CS 373): Spring 2008, Fall 2007, Spring 2007, Fall 2006, Spring 2006.

Schedule (Fall 2019)

In the following table, colored items happen every week. Uncolored items happen only some weeks but not others. Because of my kids, I'm on an early schedule: typically at Siebel by 8:30, often out of the office late afternoon. Try email or piazza when you can't find me in person. Orange times towards the end of the day mostly involve transporting children, so I may be able to free these times (e.g. get my husband to take them) with advance notice.

It's early in the term, so this may shift as additional meetings are scheduled.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9-9:30 CS440 lecture SAC meetings CS440 lecture   CS440 lecture
9:30-10 staff mtg
10-10:30 after-lecture questions after-lecture questions NLP seminar
10:30-11 office hour      
11-11:30   ID steering    
12:30-1 CS faculty meetings        
1-1:30       office hour
2:30-3     often gone    
3-3:30       staff mtg
3:30-4 dept talks   dept talks
or gone
soccer mom
4-4:30   NLP reading group
4:30-5     soccer mom

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On-line stores that sell really good tea, all with their own distinctive strengths.

Portable sailboats

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